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Step by Step Navratri Puja Vidhi for Beginners

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Navratri, a nine-night festival dedicated to the love of the Hindu goddess Durga, is a period of profound  spirituality and devotion. It is when lovers look for the gifts of the divine goddess, and the customs related with this celebration can differ broadly. 

Step 1: Preparation

Choose an Appropriate Space:  Select a clean and quiet place in your home where you can set up a special stepped area or consecrated space for the puja. Ensure the region is liberated from distractions.

Altar Setup: Place a clean cloth (preferably red or yellow) on a raised stage or table to make your special stepped area. This will be the space where you'll perform the puja.

Idol or Image of Goddess Durga: You can utilize an image or a little icon of the goddess as the point of convergence of your puja.

Assemble Puja Things: Gather fundamental things like incense sticks, a diya (light), blossoms, uncooked rice, organic products, desserts, and some water in a vessel.

Step 2: Sankalpa (Setting Intentions)

Start by Sitting Discreetly: Prior to beginning the puja, take a couple of seconds to sit unobtrusively and clear your psyche.

Set Your Goals: Intellectually set your aims for the puja. What are you looking for from the goddess during Navratri? Consider your cravings and goals.

Stage 3: Kalash Sthapana

Fill the Kalash: Take a small pot or kalash filled with water  and put it on a bed of uncooked rice. Brighten it with turmeric, vermillion, and flower petals.

Tie a Thread: Tie a red or yellow thread around the neck of the kalash.

Offer Leaves: Put mango leaves on top of the kalash.

Summon the Divinity: Recount mantras or petitions to conjure the goddess and welcome her presence into the kalash.

Step 4: Laying Out the Puja Items

Place the Goddess: Put the idol or image of the goddess in the center of the altar.

Offer Blossoms: Offer new blossoms to the goddess.

Light Incense: Light the incense sticks and spot them before the goddess.

Light the Diya: Light the diya (lamp) and spot it close to the goddess.

Keep Leafy foods: Spot the products of the soil as contributions before the goddess.

Stage 5: Aarti and Mantras

Recite Mantras: Start discussing mantras or petitions to God devoted to the goddess. You can involve books or online resources for the appropriate mantras.

Perform Aarti: Wave the aarti before the goddess in a clockwise movement while chanting aarti songs.

Step 6: Seek Blessings

Make Your Offerings: While  chanting mantras, offer your requests, and make your requests to the goddess.

Express Gratitude: Offer thanks for her endowments and for being available in your life.

Step 7: Arti Conclusion

Circulate the Aarti: In the wake of playing out the aarti, course it around your head and contact it to your eyes.

Step 8: Prasad Distribution

Take a Little Piece: Offer a part of the products of the soil as prasad to the goddess.

Distribute Prasad: Offer the prasad with your  family members, friends, and guests.

Step 9: Aarti Conclusion

Conclude the Puja: Finish up the puja by bowing to the goddess and looking for her endowments for an effective and fulfilling Navratri.

Step 10: Daily Observance

Repeat Daily: During Navratri, repeat these steps every day, keeping up with your commitment and looking for the gifts of the goddess.

As a beginner, it's fundamental to comprehend that the truthfulness of your commitment is a higher priority than the flawlessness of the ceremonies. Navratri puja is a profoundly private and otherworldly experience, and with training, you can refine your comprehension and execution of the customs over the long run. The key is to approach the puja with a pure heart and a focused mind, seeking the divine blessings of Goddess Durga during this auspicious festival.

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Step by Step Navratri Puja Vidhi for Beginners