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Moving Google Authenticator to a New Phone without the Old One

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Google Authenticator is a famous two-factor confirmation (2FA) application that adds an additional layer of safety to your web-based accounts. Be that as it may, when you get another telephone and never again approach the bygone one, the method involved with moving Google Authenticator can be a piece interesting. 

Important Note: This process can be more complex if you didn't set up backup options or recuperation codes while at first arranging Google Authenticator. Continuously empower these elements to make future changes more straightforward.

Introduce Google Authenticator on Your New Phone

To start with, go to your gadget's application store (Google Play Store for Android or Apple Application Store for iOS).

Look for "Google Authenticator" and introduce the application on your new  new phone.

Recover Your Accounts One-by-One

Open the Google Authenticator application on your old telephone, on the off chance that you actually approach it, and observe the 2FA codes for each record.

On the off chance that you don't approach your old telephone, you'll have to sign in to every one of your web-based accounts separately utilizing your username and secret word. You can do this on a PC or utilizing an internet browser on your  new phone.

In the wake of signing in, explore to the record's security settings or 2FA settings.

Decide to "Change Telephone" or "Set Up Authenticator Application" (the specific phrasing might differ relying upon the help).

A QR code or arrangement code will be shown on the screen. Utilize the camera on your new telephone to check this code with the Google Authenticator application. This connections the application to your record.

When connected, the Google Authenticator application on your new telephone will produce time sensitive codes for that record.

Verify the Transfer

For each record, ensure the codes created by the Google Authenticator on your new telephone work prior to continuing on toward the following one.

Test the codes to guarantee you can effectively sign in.

Securely Store Recovery Codes

After effectively moving your records to the new telephone, it's urgent to safely store any recuperation codes offered by the types of assistance you use. These codes can be utilized to recover admittance to your records assuming that you at any point lose your telephone or generally disapprove of 2FA.

Erase Google Authenticator from Your Old Telephone

On the off chance that you actually have your old telephone, it's a decent practice to eliminate Google Authenticator from it to stay away from any potential security gambles.

Think about Utilizing a Reinforcement and Sync Choice

A few administrations offer a reinforcement and sync include for Google Authenticator. This component permits you to recuperate your 2FA codes on another gadget without going through the arrangement cycle physically. Check assuming this component is accessible for the administrations you use and empower it for added comfort.


Transferring Google Authenticator to a new phone without the former one can be a piece testing, however with the right advances, it's very much reasonable. Make sure to empower reinforcement choices, similar to recuperation codes or reinforcement and sync highlights, while setting up 2FA at first. This will fundamentally improve on the most common way of moving Google Authenticator to new device in the future. Continuously focus on the security of your web-based records and do whatever it may take to protect them.

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Moving Google Authenticator to a New Phone without the Old One