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Microsoft Office Programs List

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Starting around my last update in September 2021, the Microsoft Office suite incorporates different projects intended for efficiency, correspondence, and coordinated effort. Here is a list of the main Microsoft Office programs:

1. Microsoft Word: A word processing program utilized for making, altering, and organizing reports.

2. Microsoft  Excel: A spreadsheet sheet program utilized for information examination, computations, and representation.

3. Microsoft PowerPoint: A show program used to make slideshows and sight and sound introductions.

4. Microsoft Outlook: An email client and individual data supervisor utilized for overseeing messages, contacts, schedules, and undertakings.

5. Microsoft OneNote: A computerized note-taking application for catching and sorting out notes, pictures, and media content.

6. Microsoft Access: A data set administration framework utilized for making and overseeing data sets.

7. Microsoft Publisher: A  desktop distributing program utilized for making leaflets, flyers, and different distributions.

8. Microsoft Visio: A charting and vector designs application utilized for making flowcharts, graphs, and other visual portrayals.

9. Microsoft Undertaking: A venture the board application utilized for arranging, following, and overseeing projects.

10. Microsoft Teams: A joint effort and correspondence stage that coordinates talk, video conferencing, record sharing, and mix with other Office applications.

11. Microsoft SharePoint: An web-based  effort and record the executives stage that permits groups to cooperate on undertakings and offer assets.

12. Microsoft Power BI: A business examination administration utilized for investigating information and making intelligent perceptions and reports.

If it's not too much trouble, note that Microsoft's contributions might have changed or advanced since my last update, and there may be new applications or highlights accessible. Moreover, Microsoft has been progressing towards cloud-based membership contributions, for example, Microsoft 365 (recently known as Office 365), which might incorporate extra administrations and applications not recorded here.

For the most exceptional and complete rundown of Microsoft Office projects and administrations, I suggest visiting the authority Microsoft site.

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Microsoft Office Programs List