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Microsoft Authenticator Scan QR Code

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In today's digital age, defending your web-based accounts from unapproved access is foremost. Only passwords are frequently deficient to safeguard your important data. Two-factor confirmation (2FA) has arisen as an essential safety effort, and the Microsoft Authenticator application is an incredible asset in such manner. One of its key highlights is the capacity to check QR codes during the arrangement interaction, improving on the setup of 2FA for your internet based accounts.

Understanding Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator is a free mobile app  created by Microsoft that gives an additional layer of safety for your web-based accounts. It creates time sensitive one-time passwords (TOTPs) and upholds different validation strategies, including pop-up messages, biometrics, and telephone sign-ins. The application is intended to confirm your character when you sign in to your records, making it more moving for unapproved clients to get entrance.

Scanning QR Codes with Microsoft Authenticator

One of the most advantageous elements of the Microsoft Authenticator application is its capacity to filter QR codes during the 2FA arrangement process. Numerous web-based administrations and sites offer QR codes as a method for connecting your record with the application. This is the way to utilize Microsoft Authenticator to check QR codes:

Stage 1: Download and Install Microsoft Authenticator

In the event that you haven't as of now, download the Microsoft Authenticator application from your gadget's application store (Google Play Store for Android or Application Store for iOS).

Introduce the application on your cell phone.

Stage 2: Open Microsoft Authenticator

Send off the Microsoft Authenticator application.

Stage 3: Add a Record

To add a record, tap the "+" symbol or the "Add account" button.

Stage 4: Output the QR Code

You'll be given choices for adding a record. Select "Work or school account" on the off chance that you're designing a business or hierarchical record. For individual records, pick "Other record."

The application will initiate your gadget's camera. Go for the gold the QR code showed on your PC screen or offered by the web-based assistance.

Guarantee that the QR code is completely noticeable inside the camera's casing. The application will naturally examine the code.

Stage 5: Confirm and Save the Record

After effectively examining the QR code, the application will show the record name.

You might have to enter extra data, like your record secret phrase.

When checked, the record will be added to the Microsoft Authenticator application.

Stage 6: Utilize the Created Codes

At the point when you sign in to the related record, the Microsoft Authenticator application will produce a time sensitive one-time password (TOTP).

Enter this code alongside your secret word to safely finish the 2FA interaction and access your record.

Advantages of Checking QR Codes with Microsoft Authenticator

1. Improved on Arrangement: Checking QR codes smoothes out the most common way of designing 2FA for your records, wiping out the need to physically enter account subtleties.

2. Precision: QR code examining limits the gamble of blunders during arrangement, guaranteeing that your record is connected accurately.

3. Improved Security: By utilizing Microsoft Authenticator and examining QR codes, you add an additional layer of safety to your records, making them less powerless to unapproved access.


The Microsoft Authenticator application's capacity to check QR codes works on the method involved with setting up two-factor confirmation for your web-based accounts. By following the means illustrated in this article, you can undoubtedly connect your records to the application and appreciate improved security. Embrace the force of 2FA and the comfort of QR code checking to shield your internet based presence from possible dangers and unapproved access.

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Microsoft Authenticator Scan QR Code